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About Us

The Do Right PAC is a political action committee focused on promoting pro-life, conservative policies in Kansas. We are native Kansans who know that our state Constitution protects the right to life for everyone, including the unborn.  


Our Chairman of the Do Right PAC is the Honorable Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D. Tim has 25-plus years of conservative campaign, policy, and legislative experience at both the federal and state levels and is a well-known national conservative leader, effective policymaker, experienced communicator, and veteran campaign advisor.


Dr. Huelskamp served as a Member of Congress for Kansas for six years and chaired the Tea Party Caucus, was a leader in the House Freedom Caucus, and was Whip for the Pro-Life Caucus. Prior to that, Tim served in the Kansas Legislature for 14 years. At both levels, Tim’s leadership was critical to the passage of dozens of major conservative and pro-life victories, much to the dismay of both the media and political establishments.


Huelskamp has also served as a leader and political advisor for numerous conservative candidates, campaigns, think tanks and organizations including Catholics for Trump, CatholicVote, Bienvenido, the Kansas Republican Party, Kansans for Life, and Open the Books.


Beyond his political and policy involvement, Tim and his wife Angela have four adopted children and are active in their local Catholic parish and school. Tim continues to maintain involvement in the family farm in Kansas and operates his own small business. He enjoys sports, sharing his faith, and cheering on his kids’ activities.

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